Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brunei to share geospatial imagery and data online?

According to a recent Brunei Times article (thanks Bill for the heads-up and link!), the Survey Department is this year embarking on a web-based system for the management and dissemination of its geospatial data through an ERDAS APOLLO provider. 

From the article:

The challenge currently faced by the department is making the current street directory available on-line, which brings about another matter that needs to be looked into, which is the coordination of access to spatial data in different formats from many different agencies (potentially from commercial data suppliers).

The first phase of the ERDAS APOLLO, according to the online news report, is to provide web-based workflows to improve productivity for the Survey Department staff, as well as to make this data accessible to other government agencies.

Later in 2012, Brunei Survey Department will introduce an ERDAS APOLLO-based geospatial portal that will supply imagery and data to the general public.

Newsworthy - Gabriel and World Water Day

Gabriel was featured in last week's Borneo Bulletin, when he was interviewed during the Beach Bunch's boat cruise tour in celebration of the World Water Day. 

Unfortunately some of his words might have been taken out of context, especially the last sentence (the sentence also does not make sense - pull trash out of UBD?). 

From the article

According to Gabriel Yong, Brunei River has on the down valley, a tidal inlet, where the water flows in hence creating a depositional environment, where sediments get stuck and deposited in the area. Therefore, it must always be taken care of.

He said that a lot of areas may be affected, especially in Kg Ayer, where the sediments get stuck under the water. This explains why there is a lot of trash gathered under Kg Ayer water. The pollution is not to be blamed solely on the residents of Kg Ayer alone, things always get stuck there, and all they can do is to manage the waste and pull it out if it got trapped, he added.

In fact, the Beach Bunch are planning to introduce some types of automated system in UBD, where, when trash comes in, it will be pulled out, Gabriel Yong said.

Published: Dr Becek and the Survey Department

Our colleague Dr Becek is featured in this month's Coordinates, a " monthly magazine on positioning, navigation and associated technologies". The article refers to a previously published one, also in the same magazine, about the geocentric datum for Brunei Darussalam 2009. 

This latest article is very interesting because it not only features comments from Dr Becek himself, but also from his collaborator, Dr Adam Lyszkowicz, as well as responses to the earlier article from Brunei's very own Survey Department. 

You can view the full article here, but I've included some snippets below:

Some comments on the selected map projection - Conclusion

1. Based on the above, the Survey Department should be congratulated for the bold reform of the geodetic datum through the adoption of the geocentric datum – GDBD2009.

Survey Department responds:

The move to geocentric datum has been thoroughly strategized and implemented according to the international standard and has taken into consideration all technical as well as legal aspects. So it is rather unwise to say that this reform is a BOLD reform.

3. The RSO map projection for Brunei Darussalam is not an appropriate one because the mapped territory (onshore and offshore) has a circular shape (does not have any prevailing direction). The RSO projection is used for mapping territories which are extended in a particular direction such as the East Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah taken together.

Survey Department responds:

It is true when you are given the task to design a surveying and mapping system for a new country where the only consideration is to select the best map projection as normally described in the text book.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The 8th Brunei Legislative Council Meeting

If you are following local news then surely you will have not missed this year's Legislative Council (LegCo) meeting. For those of you unfamiliar with the LegCo, Rozan Yunos provides a historical overview in this article. The Brunei Times (BT) also provides a summary of LegCO as well as a primer for the uninitiated.